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Green Building

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They say the devil is in the details. At Federalist Builders LLC we see the need for quality craftsmanship from start to finish on a project. From the beginning of framing to the completion of painting we are always looking for quality materials that are installed to the tightest of specifications. 

Green Building

At Federalist Builders LLC, being green is more than just using energy star rated products. It is a practice that we think about at every turn; we have gone paperless in the office, minimized the miles driven by strategizing the number of trips for materials and biking to meetings, and always looking to see what can be recycled, reused, or donated to Community Forklift. 

Customer Service

Striving for the highest level of customer service is more than a slogan at Federalist Builders LLC. We truely believe that no request is too large or small to be followed through on and no steps are too great to get the job completed as the customer dreamed of. 


Federalist Builders LLC works with an extensive team of architects and designers. We can recommend architects based on the taste of the homeonwer and the scale of the project or we are more than happy to work with a designer that has already been selected by the owners.


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